Environmental Performance Criteria 2.2
Water Efficiency

Sustainable Sites

Water Efficiency

Energy & Atmosphere

Materials & Resources

Indoor Environmental Quality

Innovation & Design Process

Prerequisite 1: Laboratory Equipment Water Use


Reduce water use for laboratory equipment.


No domestic water at a flow rate greater than 2 gallons per minute shall be used "once-through" for any laboratory equipment, unless it is needed as direct contact process water.


Direct contact process water is defined as any water which, during use, comes into direct contact with any raw material, product, or waste.

Technologies & Strategies

Use closed-loop cooling water for equipment cooling instead of open-loop (once through).

Use non-potable water sources.

Use vacuum pumps instead of aspirator fittings at cold-water faucets. One way to discourage this is to specify the use of non-threaded faucets, unless threaded faucets are required for other laboratory functions


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