Environmental Performance Criteria 2.2
Energy & Atmosphere

Sustainable Sites

Water Efficiency

Energy & Atmosphere

Materials & Resources

Indoor Environmental Quality

Innovation & Design Process

Credit 2: Renewable Energy (Replaces LEED-NC Credit 2)


Encourage and recognize increasing levels of on-site renewable energy self-supply in order to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with fossil fuel energy use.


Use on-site renewable energy systems to offset building energy cost. Calculate project performance by expressing the energy produced by the renewable systems as a percentage of the building annual energy cost and using the table below to determine the number of points achieved.

% Renewable Energy Points
1.25% 1
3.75% 2
6.25% 3

Technologies & Strategies

Assess the project for renewable energy potential including: solar (PV and active thermal), wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro, and biogas strategies. Note that ground source heat pumps do not count as geothermal.

When applying these strategies, take advantage of "net metering" with the local utility.


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