Environmental Performance Criteria 2.2
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Prerequisite 4: Assess Minimum Ventilation Requirements


To determine minimum ventilation requirements in laboratories based on user needs, health/safety protection and energy consumption


The ventilation requirements shall be determined and documented by a team including each of the following professionals: A/E Team, Laboratory Consultants*, User Representative, Owner Facilities Group, Owner Environmental Health & Safety, Commissioning Authority*, Construction Manager* (*If these have not been appointed, an individual who independently and conscientiously represents these interests.)

The team shall, at a minimum, do the following:

  • Determine the necessary fresh air ventilation rate and number of fume hoods and other exhaust devices based on applicable codes and the planned use of the laboratory over the next 5 years.

  • Consider exhaust alternatives such as instrument exhausts and ventilated storage cabinets with very low flow ventilation and good ergonomic accessibility.

  • Develop a workable fume hood sash management plan including: a) Informational placards for hoods; b) Awareness and Use Training. The Sash Management Plan should be incorporated in the Chemical Hygiene Plan for the laboratory.

The process and findings should be documented.


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