Sustainable Strategies
Energy Recovery

This Labs21 Best Practice Guide describes how to implement this strategy:
- Energy recovery for laboratories

In the Labs21 Design Guide, see:
- Energy Recovery and all sub-topics

These Labs21 Case Studies implement this strategy:
- NIH Building 50 uses energy recovery wheels (pg. 6)
- The Pharmacia building incorporates a glycol loop (pg. 5)
- The Nidus Center uses energy recovery wheels (pg. 5)
- The Sandia PETL uses a heat pipe (pg.6)
- EPA NVFEL uses a heat pipe and an energy recovery wheel (pg. 4)
- KINSC Haverford College uses energy recovery wheels (pg. 4)
- The Whitehead Building uses energy recovery wheels (pg.4)
- The Labs21 Energy Analysis Study has data on the energy impact of different energy recovery strategies in different climates (section 2.3)

See these Labs21 Conference Presentations for more information on the following topics:
- Risk analysis case study of enthalpy wheels for laboratory exhaust (including fume hood)
- Economics of heat recovery in laboratories

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