Sustainable Strategies
Water Conservation in Laboratories

This Labs21 Best Practice Guide describes how to implement this strategy:
- Water Efficiency for Laboratories

See the following FEMP Product Energy Efficiency Recommendations:
- Faucets
- Showerheads
- Toilets
- Urinals

These Labs21 Case Studies implement this strategy:
- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has 8 energy efficiency measures that involved water efficiency (see pg.5)
- EPA NVFEL reduced domestic water use by more than 50% (see pg. 3)
- The Nidus Center has rainwater harvesting and other measures (see pg. 5)
- Pharmacia Building Q reduces water use 52% below EPAct (see pg. 6)
- The Whitehead Building uses several measures, including storm-water harvesting (pg.5)

See these Labs21 Conference Presentations for more information on the following topics:
- Improving wastewater recycling and efficiency at a semiconductor facility
- Water efficiency strategies at commercial and industrial sites






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