Sustainable Strategies
Efficient Electrical Lighting for Labs

This broad strategy includes several sub strategies, such as lighting configuration, high efficiency lamps and luminaires, and control systems.

In the Labs21 Design Guide, see:
- Lighting and subtopics on lighting design, high-efficiency components and lighting control

See the FEMP Product Energy Efficiency Recommendations for electrical lighting components.

In the Whole Building Design Guide, see the following resource pages
- Energy efficient lighting

These Labs21 Case Studies make special mention of this strategy:
- NIH Building 50 (pg. 7)
- The Georgia Public Health laboratory (pg. 6)
- The Nidus Center (pg. 4)
- The Pharmacia building (pg. 5)
- The Sandia PETL (pg. 10)
- The Whitehead Building (pg.5)

In the Labs21 Benchmarking Tool:
- Generate a comparative analysis of lighting efficiency metrics (kwh/sf-yr, peak W/sf)






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