Design Process Checklist

Schematic Design

Conduct schematic design charrette(s)




Charrettes at this stage should address the opportunities and challenges to incorporate the strategies identified in pre-design, into the schematic building design. The charrettes should be conducted to facilitate team-based decision-making. When developing building massing, specifically evaluate alternative service delivery configurations, in terms of flexibility requirements, life-cycle resource use, life-cycle cost.

Lead: Architect, M/E/P engineers, Energy Champion, EHS


Use the Strategies “Quick Reference” for links to detailed information

Use the EPC Checklist to assess overall sustainability rating

See this Charrette Handbook on how to conduct a charrette




Incorporate codes and standards


This should be done during schematic design rather than tweaking the design at the end of design development.

Lead: Architect, M/E/P engineers, EHS



Begin energy analysis of design concepts using appropriate energy design tools


Perform parametric analysis of design alternatives during schematic design to determine relative efficiency, identify gaps and make targeted improvements, rather than waiting to analyze the final schematic design.

Lead: M/E/P engineers, Architect

  Use the Benchmarking Tool to compare against other labs
Update energy and sustainability goals    

Maintain consistent and seamless documentation during the design process. This is especially helpful to new members of the design team later in the process.

Lead: CSP, Energy Champion

  Use the Design Intent Tool to record status of goals and strategies at schematic design






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