Design Process Checklist

Design Development

Conduct design development meeting(s)




Review and refine design and integration of sustainable design strategies.

Lead: Architect, M/E/P engineers, Energy Champion, EHS


Refer to the Strategies “Quick Reference” for links to Design Guide, Case Studies, Best Practice Guides




Conduct iterative detailed analysis of energy and environmental performance


As the design develops and various alternatives are considered in more detail, ensure that energy and sustainability goals are maintained.

Lead: M/E/P engineers, Architect


Use the Benchmarking Tool to compare against other labs

Consider using BEES software developed by NIST to evaluate environmental performance of materials


Ensure that value engineering is based on life-cycle cost


Ensure that value engineering is based on life-cycle cost considerations (including at a minimum: energy costs, operations and maintenance costs). Incorporate energy analysis results in value engineering process. Ensure that green product substitutions, if any, do not affect sustainability goals.

Lead: M/E/P engineers, Architect, Energy Champion, Owner

  Consider using Building Life-cycle Cost tools
Update status of energy and sustainability goals    

This provides updated documentation.

Lead: CSP, Energy Champion

  Use the Design Intent Tool to record status of performance targets






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