Design Process Checklist

Construction Documents

Conduct final design review




Ensure that sustainable design features are incorporated as intended.

Lead: Architect, M/E/P engineers, Construction Manager, EHS






Establish checkpoints for key environmental performance features and systems


Include approval of methods and materials prior to construction or require design team supervision during construction. Outline contractor’s submittal requirements and develop commissioning checklist for material and construction process approval.

Lead: CSP, Construction manager, Architect, M/E/P engineers



Highlight energy efficiency and sustainability attributes associated with specific products and materials


Do this by including manufacturers' installation literature, design intent and contact information for local technical reps. This provides information to contractors who maybe unfamiliar with sustainable design objectives and specifications.

Lead: Architect, M/E/P engineers

Update energy and sustainability goals    

This provides updated documentation.

Lead: CSP, Energy Champion

  Use the Design Intent Tool to record status of performance targets






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