Design Process Checklist

Bid & Award

Include sustainability criteria in selection of contractors




Reward contractors that have sustainable building experience (e.g., pre-qualify them). Consider ways to incentivize contractors to meet and exceed specifications pertaining to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Lead: Energy Champion, Architect, M/E/P Engineers






Specify detailed construction commissioning activities in contracts


In particular, ensure that commissioning covers performance verification in addition to installation and operational verification.

Lead: CSP, Energy Champion, M/E/P Engineers



If cost cutting is required, consider life-cycle energy and environmental costs and benefits in keeping/deleting features


Use life-cycle costing during design development as a basis and starting point for these decisions.

Lead: Energy Champion, Owner, Architect, M/E/P Engineers

Update energy and sustainability goals    

This provides updated documentation.

Lead: CSP, Energy Champion

  Use the Design Intent Tool to record status of performance targets






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