Sustainable Strategies
New Construction Commissioning

In the Labs21 Design Guide, see:
- Commissioning and all sub topics for a comprehensive review

This Commissioning Process Flowchart from the California Commissioning Collaborative summarizes process steps for new and existing buildings.

This paper on commissioning costs provides benchmarks for commissioning costs

These Labs21 Case Studies make special mention of this strategy:
- NIH Building 50 used third party commissioning (pg. 7)
- EPA NVFEL commissioning was part of ESPC measurement and verification (pg. 4)
- The Pharmacia building used third party commissioning (pg. 6)
- The Sandia PETL (pg. 11)

See these Labs21 Conference Presentations for the following:
- Pharmaceutical lab commissioning case study
- Case study of cost savings from commissioning
- Use of a software tool for commissioning a lab






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