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Do You Own A Zombie Freezer?


Not sure if you are the owner of a ZOMBIE FREEZER? Zombie freezers are on the prowl and you could be their next victim!

How To Tell If You Own A Zombie Freezer

Zombie freezers come in many different shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common...EXTREME ENERGY CRAVINGS.Before you know it you may be spending hundreds of dollars to feed your Zombie freezer's ENERGY CRAVE.

Don't let your Zombie freezer get the best of you. Identify your Zombie freezer by looking for the following symptoms:

Zombie survival.jpg

Symptoms Of A Zombie Freezer

  • No Pulse
    • An undead compressor rarely cycles off
  • Full Of Undead Samples
    • Left long ago by forgotten post docs and jaded graduate students
  • Over Chill
    • Valued samples no longer need ultra low temperatures
    • Only DNA preservation needed
Zombie freezer.jpg

Recently Slayed Freezers

The Zombie freezer slaying team has begun fighting the zombie takeover, by removing and replacing Zombie freezers with new energy efficient and energy saving models.

The most recent victory was in identifying a Cryo-Fridge C 390 as a Zombie freezer, which was hiding out in the Entomology Department on the UC Davis campus. When first approached the freezer was consuming energy at a drastic rate of 25.8 kWh/day. Fortunately the slayer team came prepared and, after warming the freezer to -50°C, reduced this massive consumption rate to 12.9 kWh/day.

The slayer team hopes to complete remove this Zombie and replace it with a fresh new -20°C freezer that will be save 95% of the electricity and over $700 every year.

What To Do If You Have A Zombie Freezer

Let someone know! Ask your campus ultra low freezer service office or sustainability office for guidance. Offices like these may have power meters available to see if your Zombie freezer has a pulse.

For ultra low freezer resources and constests check here:

Don't let your zombie freezer get the better of you. ACT NOW!

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