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The complete UC Davis report can be found here

Thermo UXF500 Ultra Low Freezer
Manfacturer: Thermo
Product Type: Ultra Low
Model #: UXF50086D
Voltage: 208
Nameplate rated Amps: 15
Temperature Range: -20°C to -86°C
Legend - Data Sources

Test tube red.jpg - information from a manufacturer
Test tube green.jpg - information from an end-user


Energy Efficiency Information

Energy Use and Power

Power Mode Definition (temperature, power setting, light features, etc.) Power Draw VA or W Can user set mode? Hours per week (typical)* kWh per week (typical)*
Rated capacity Nameplate power rating N/A N/A N/A
Energy Intensive mode Power draw under highest setting/energy use 17.8 kWh/d Test tube green.jpg(at -80°C) yes
Lower power mode 1 temp at -60°C 13.2 kWh/d Test tube green.jpg yes
Lower power mode 2 temp at -70°C 15.7 kWh/d Test tube green.jpg yes
Stand-by level Power draw when turned off but connected to power

* Typical hours per week and kWh per week are provided for comparison basis only, laboratory values may vary significantly.

Efficiency Features

The following graph displays the energy use vs temperature results from the UC Davis Air Cooled Freezer testing that took place in October 2011.


Other Sustainability Features

User Comments

* Suggested categories for commentary include: reliability, repair ease, whether or not components are easily replaceable, cost, and overall quality of design.

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