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-20 deg 22sf; UCD Haring 1225A2 deg 206sf; UCD Haring 1227A2 deg 456sf; UCD Haring 1261
3500 Genetic Analyzer3500 xL Genetic Analyzer4 deg; Cruess Hall 4,5,&8
4 deg; Cruess Hall 74 deg; FSTB 34 deg 180sf; UCD Haring 1075
4 deg 277sf; UCD Haring 1226b4 deg 433sf; UCD VMTH 10476 deg 40sf; UCD Haring 1126B
Allentown SB4100Amsco SV-120 (3)
Avanti J-20 Series (3)Avanti J-26 XP Centrifuge (3)Avanti J-E Centrifuge (1)
Baker B40-ATSBaker SG403A-HE, 8" sash
Baker SG503A-HE, 8" sashBaker SG603-ATSBaker SG603A-HE, 8" sash
Best PracticesBio-Rad MJ Mini Gradient Thermal Cycler (3)
Blue Stabil-ThermBuchi V-700Buchi V-710
Cold Storage Info SummaryCold Storage in LaboratoriesConsolidated Sterilizer Systems 3AV
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems SR-24DConsolidated Sterilizer Systems SSR-3AContact Us
Countess Automated Cell Counter
Create an article in this categoryCryo-Fridge C390
Detailed Ultra Low Freezer Testing Fall 2011Dometic UF 455 GDometic UF 755 G
Dometic Water Cooled UP 755GEbara AA10
Edwards XDS10cEnergy Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki
Energy Star Upright Freezers
Eppendorf 5417C (3)
Eppendorf 5810REppendorf HEF C660
Eppendorf HEF U410Eppendorf HEF U570
Eppendorf Mastercycler® Gradient (3)Equipment Types
FG Industries (3)Fischer Scientific IsotempFisherBiotech FBHI10
Fisher 255GFisher 281A Isotemp Vacuum Oven
Fisher Isotemp 13986428FAFisher Isotemp 425FFisher Isotemp Plus 139861288
Fisher Isotemp Refrigerator with Freezer InsetFisher Scientific 97-920-1Fisher Scientific Isotemp 110 Hot Water Bath
Fisher Scientific Isotemp 13-988-327L-4Fisher Scientific Isotemp 500Fisher Scientific Isotemp 655F
Fisher Scientific Isotemp 97-9XX-1Fisher Scientific Isotemp Flammable Material RefridgeratorFisher Scientific Isotemp Freezer
Fisher Scientific Isotemp IncubatorFisher Scientific Isotemp M637GFisher Scientific Isotemp Oven
Fisher Scientific Isotemp Programmable Muffle FurnaceFisher Scientific TDX11Forma Chest 8307
Forma Scientific 923Frigidaire FFU20F9GW2 (3)
Frigidaire FKFUI3M2HWFrigidaire Food (3)
GE SMR04DASACS FridgeGalaxy 25368800990
GeneAmp® PCR System 9700Gibson FV16M4Glossary
Harris ELT-14LS-90-D31IEC HN-SIIInnova Chest 585-86
Innova Chest 760-86Innova Upright 101-86Innova Upright 360-86
Innova Upright 535-86Innova Upright 725-86Kelvinator Scientific UC100
Kendro ULT750-3-A31KenmoreKenmore 15 (3)
Kenmore 17Kenmore 2539280210
Kenmore Coldspot (3)Kenmore Series14 (3)
Kenmore small chest (3)Kysor Panel Systems 13-986-148Lab Energy Assessments
Lab Line Imperial IV (3)Leybold D25BCS
Leybold D40BCSLeybold D65BCSLinks
MJ Research PTC-100 Programmable Thermal Controller (3)
MJ Research PTC-220 DYADMain PageMarvel 4450111
NESLAB Instruments CB 60Napco 5831 Vacuum OvenNational Appliance Co NAPCO
Nu-Aire 612-400NuAire LabGard ES - NU-425-400 - Class II,8" sash heightNuAire LabGard ES - NU-425-400 - Class II, 8" sash
NuAire LabGard ES - NU-425-500 - Class II, 8" sashNuAire LabGard ES - NU-425-600 - Class II, 8" sash heightNuAire NU 605-500
Precision 18Precision 813Precision 815 (3)
Precision 818 (3)Precision Oven 51221126
Precision Scientific Water Bath Model 182 (3)Precision Thelco 15
Precision Thelco 16Precision Thelco 18Premium Chest 340-86
Premium Chest 660-86Premium Upright 410-86Premium Upright 570-86
Recommended Residential FreezersRevco 923
Revco Chromatography REC7504 A18Revco REC-7504A18Revco REC2304A20 Fridge
Revco ULT-659Revco ULT1786-3-A14Revco ULT 2090-5-A31
Revco ULT 2186-3-A36Revco ULT 2186-5-A36Revco ULT 2186-9-A35 (3)
Revco ULT 2540-3-A31Revco ULT 2586-5-D30Revco ULT 2586-5-D35
Revco ULT 2586-5-D39Revco ULT 2586-9-A35 (3)
Revco ULT 2586-9-A40 (3)Revco ULT 2586-9SI-A38Revco ULT 390-A
Robinson Scientific 1000Robinson Scientific 2000
Sanyo MDF-594CSanyo MDF-U71VC
Sanyo MDF-U73VC (3)Sanyo MDF U76VC
Sanyo Water Cooled MDF U76VCSargent S-63995So-Low PR 120-12
So-Low PV-85-18
Sorvall RC-5B Superspeed Centrifuge (3)StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR SystemStepOne™ Real-Time PCR System
Stirling Ultracold SU780UTecniplast BOX110SSTecniplast CS5
Tecniplast SmartFlowThermo Fisher U2020GA15
Thermo Fisher ULT 1090-3-A34Thermo Forma 8515 (3)
Thermo Forma 916Thermo Forma Water Cooled 8606
Thermo IEC CL31RThermo IEC Multi RFThermo Scientific - Forma 1357 - Class II, A2 Biosafety Cabinet
Thermo Scientific - Forma 1440 - Class II, A2 Biosafety CabinetThermo Scientific Precision 6522Thermo Scientific Precision 6530
Thermo ULT1186-351-A36Thermo UXF500
Thermolyne OV35025
Torrey Pines Scientific Echotherm Chilling IncubatorTrue GDM-12
True GDM-45True T-49True T-49F
Tuttnauer 2540M (3)Tyler 7400254FUC Davis Chill Up
UprightVWR 12285
VWR 1565 Dual Stacking Incubator (3)VWR 5463
VWR GDM23 FridgeVWR R421FA14VWR Scientific 2300 CO2 Incubator
Veriti® 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler, Model 9901Veriti® 96-Well Fast Thermal Cycler, Model 9902
ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR SystemWater Cooled and Air Cooled TestingWhirlpool ET18NKXFW04
White Consolidated MRT18CSCD2 Fridge/FreezerYamato Incubator IC 600
Zombie Freezers
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